A song to start my first day in my 3rd year of being college student. 

//Go to school, go to college/And get yourself a real job/These are the rules you have to live/And you have to deal with/Maybe you’re smart/But it doesn’t mean a thing/Coz what they want is your degree/Blow them with your money/And there goes their policy//

This song asserts me: mostly we’re slaves of the system and bring us into underpressure condition and sometimes you have to lose your ego or idealistic values in order to survive in this ‘cruela’ world, no matter what degree you had reached. Life is a choice, right?


Broods - Mother & Father

it’s suitable for 20’s or anyone who have just realized that live alone is harder than before


Anonyme a dit: menurut gue setidaknya apa yang didapatkan Florence itu setimpal. Hari ini gue baca di KR kalo Flo nggak kooperatif dan sebenarnya udah ada upaya untuk berdamai, tapi Flo aja tetep keras kepala. Gue sebagai pendatang ngerasa what she said was untrue, gue ngerasa nyaman-nyaman aja tuh di Jogja.

Dear, anon. Saya ikut senang kalau kamu merasa nyaman di kota kami, saya pun nggak menutup kemungkinan jika ada yang gak suka sama Yogyakarta dengan mall-nya yang sedikit, bahkan Sheila Marcia dulu pernah ngomong dia memang sedikit bosan :p

As I said before, menurut saya sebenarnya sanksi publik itu udah cukup. Saya yakin kamu sudah membaca artikel di samping tajuk utama KR ttg pendapat perkumpulan warga Batak yg menyarankan Flo untuk meminta maaf langsung pada Sultan. Nah, menurutku hal itu perlu banget sebagai bentuk penyesalan, kalau perlu difasilitisasi juga untuk ketemu langsung sama Sultan agar dia kapok dan sadar dirilah ya. 



MORE OF FUNNIEST-FACTS are coming here

This year, 2014, Indonesian are much likely interested in political issue, for instance on presidential election. In one point, it’s a good news for me: people begin to care about politic. However, not every people care and try to figure the issues out. What they know mostly on surface only, sometimes they dont dig deep down, thus many critics are less-rational and people are busy commenting without logic arguments. N’oubliez pas, medias that might be neutral sources, are not showing that at that moment. The most annoying moments in social media life relates this is when your friends are too proud with their choices and mock others either with flaw and stupid arguments. Even more, it got my nerves when everyday they posted those shits eww. Ever crossed in mind to #unfriend them on Facebook. Like, c;mon, politic is indeed important aspect because directly or indirectly it affects how we live, i.e: it influences the state’s system in economic, social, culture, and so on, but could you just stop, relax, research, and let it flow?

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It must be difficult, I bet :p




LOOK INTO MY EYES AND GET OUT OF MY LAND!" (via Johayna جهينة خالدية)

A Palestinian woman facing off against a piece-of-shit IDF soldier. Western feminists need to STOP heralding female IDF soldiers as “feminists” or “modern day Amazons”, because these women are carrying out Israel’s neocolonialist, racist, ethnocidal agenda against the Palestinian people and African immigrants. I don’t a give a shit that they “must serve” according to Israeli Law. Nothing justifies committing war-crimes and genocide. This is not “feminist” and these women are not “feminists”. They’re war-criminals. It’s not just male IDF soldiers slaughtering Palestinian people.
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